We want clowns to perform for and with children in Africa.

And that is going to happen!! On the 24 th of December our first ‘try-out tour’ will start!! We will travel to South Africa to perform and to make new contacts.

The clowns-character of Willem Hans will perform at different places. At this moment we have come into contact with several organizations to schedule performances for this first tour. There will be performances at the Kayamandi township (www.kayamandi.nl) near Stellenbosch and at the Baphumelele Orphanage (www.baphumelele.org.za ) in Khayelitsha, one of the biggest townships in the RSA.

This first tour will be the first  (but certainly not the last) time that we can  bring joy and happiness to African children by having Dutch clowns perform for them.

The first time is always very exiting, but we are well prepared. We are very glad that we can give something to African children. On this first tour we will definitely learn a lot and acquire experience.

Besides playing for the kids this first tour is also meant to learn and to make new contacts. Contact with local organizations and local clowns to make the next step in our development and have more clowns perform!

Near Stellenbosch

Dutch please !