There are a lot of children in Africa who struggle in live.

They struggle because of illness, a handicap, because they lost their parents because of the HIV-problem, or just because they are so poor that they don’t even have a decent home ..

Those children need distraction from their sorrows, they just want to be a child!
The Africlown Foundation, the foundation that brings joy to children in Africa and contributes to the quality of their lives wants to help these children by having clowns perform for them.

Africlowns first tour to South-Africa has been very successful.

On the 24th of December 2005 Willem Hans Elbrecht went to South-Africa to perform for children. Alias Billy the Clown he performed in Townships (Kayamandi, Zwelihle), orphan-houses (private (Cotlands, Johannesburg) and public (Van Rijn’s House of  Safety) and in a special house for handicapped people (Little Eden).

This first tour was a big success.

Images South Africa
Tour 2008

Gordon primary - view
Ububele - view
Sunshine Soweto - view
Kopanang - view

Fotoreportage Tour 2005/2006

Cotlands - view
Kayamandi - view
Little Eden - view
Zwelihle - view


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